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19,800 NFT Commemorative Medals

Leading the Advanced Civilizations Back to Earth

Art is a system of action, intended to change the world

Great works of art are powerfully energetic. The 10 most creative times in the history of human development, with their own powerful self-energy, have become planets through the gravitational field equations that cause the bending of space-time, and are connected to each other in the universe to form galaxies.

Human thus discover the most precious energy source in the universe is pure power, and the Flash Track, with its abundance of pure power, has become a space frontier that human is eager to explore.

Quantum mechanics reveals that the world is full of uncertainty and probability, and that human must take positive action to change the world. 

172129main_gpb-earth-300dpi copy.jpg

19,800 Flash Track NFT Commemorative Medals to be announced on OpenSea on 20 May, 2022


World’s First NPO Project for VR Art Education 

10 Flash Track planetary human cultural time-space will be created in the metaverse, contributing to an endless stream of creative energy for all ages to explore and learn through VR headsets without compensation permanently.

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