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In order to promote the positive kinetic of the overall cosmic kinetic energy, Apollo, the Sun God, invited human to go to the Flash Track to search for treasures, and sent 10 future spacecrafts from the 11th dimension to allow human to travel to the 10 planets in the Flash Track to search for 10 pure power treasures and lead them back to Earth to strengthen its pure power.

In addition to bringing pure power treasures back to Earth, the rich pure power of the planet itself will be implanted into the core consciousness of the treasure hunter like a chip in the brain during the treasure hunting process of exploring Flash Track planets, inspiring creative thinking.




NFT Project Announcement

19,800 Flash Track NFT Commemorative Medals to be traded on OpenSea on 20 May, 15 June, 30 June, and 15 July, 2022.


Completion of NFT Trading.

In addition to the sale of the Flash Track NFT medallion, we will also hold an English auction for 10 spacecrafts sent by Apollo, the Sun God, from the 11th dimension on OpenSea on 20 May, 15 June, 30 June, and 15 July, 2022.


After you have obtained 10 creative energy treasures, you will be invited to ascend to the Apollo Temple in the metaverse, where you will be crowned by Athena, the goddess of Athena, as the Protector of Creation, and receive wine from Dionysus, the god of festivity, to proclaim yourself the protector of human civilization and lead the advanced civilization back to Earth.

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